5 Tips On How To Thrift Shop


5 Tips On How To Thrift Shop

I have been thrifting for longer than I can remember. I have collected so many amazing pieces over the years. I recently found this gorgeous vintage dress from a local Vintage/Thrift store and that is when I decided I wanted to share some of my tips to help you thrift shop too! Follow these tips and be sure to share with me any of your secrets on how you thrift! 


#1 Location Is Key

Location is key when thrift shopping. Seeking out the shops in neighborhoods that are affluent, typically means that people who live there have more money to spend, which means they are donating higher ticket items.

#2 Thrift Frequently

The more you stop in to the thrift/vintage shops the more you increase your odds of finding those big scores! People donate DAILY to thrift shops. I suggest shopping on a weekday verse a weekend, you will not have to fight the crowd and you can really dive in and find things you love.

#3 Throw Out The Shopping List

One of the fun things about thrifting is the excitement of the unexpected! Go in with no list and see what you come across. Many times I have just popped into a thrift shop and found a gem or two just by browsing and having no set intentions of finding something specific. In fact, when I have gone in with a “shopping list” I leave feeling let down when I didn’t find the item I was looking for.

#4 Check The Tags

Check the tag that the thrift shop, places on each item and be sure you are not overpaying. What I like to do is have my phone handy, I check the tag on the inside of the garment and I do some research. You never want to pay more or the same as it is in the store regularly priced. You can find a lot of current brands once you find the right thrift shop.

#5 Find A Consignment Shop

Want to find luxury bags and brands at half the cost?! Than a consignment shop is where it is at honey! I found some of the most beautiful luxury handbags at my local consignment shop and they are in great condition and only half the cost. Also, pro tip shop at high end consignment shops while traveling. New York and DC have been two of my favorite places to find some real gems!!!










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