How To Mix Patterns


Pattern mixing is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to my looks.  It allows me to express my creativity and add interest to my outfits.  I always get compliments when wearing a fun pattern mixed look, but it is usually followed by, “I could never do that” or “I wish I knew how to pattern mix.”  So, I decided to share a few easy tips on how to start implementing some fun ‘mixing’ for you.


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Add an animal print accessory to any outfit

Animal print, whether it is leopard, tiger, snakeskin or even a zebra print is the easiest thing to ‘mix in’ as it works with most any pattern.  Floral, stripe, geometric, (you name it) will look great with a bit of animal print mixed in.  Think belts, earrings, purse or scarf are just some things that come to mind to add in.  Remember, we are just talking one piece.  (Share an example of one of our photos)

Stripes are a must


Stripe prints are another print that look amazing when mixed in with any other print.  (Trust me, I promise)  If you are nervous about it, just start with a two color stripe, like blue & white, or black & white.  They key to mixing in the color combo of the stripe is to make sure those two colors are the main print that you are mixing with.  

Mad for Plaid


Plaid is always fun to ‘mix in’!  Plaid patterns vary in size, color and the number of colors that might be in a specific pattern.  The key to mixing it in an outfit is to mix complementary colors and tones.  You might want to try pairing two plaid patterns together, but use opposite sizes.  For example a large simple plaid looks amazing when paired with a smaller and more colorful plaid.  Plaid also looks great as an accent with stripes, herringbone and of course a floral print.  Beginner tip:  Try pairing a plaid scarf with a thin striped tee.

Floral Fun


Floral prints are probably one of my favorites to mix in, especially in Spring and Summer.  Whether it is a bold floral or a mini print, you need to try incorporating a floral print in the ‘mix’.  If this sounds scary, try this:  pair a floral pattern with a stripe.  (Just remember to have some of the colors from the floral in the stripe). I promise you will love it and your friends and family are going to think you are now a Fashion Blogger!


I hope these tips helped you and most of all gives you confidence to start pattern mixing your outfits.  Remember, don’t be scared.  Just start small, and I promise you will be ‘bit’ by this ‘bug’ and fall in love with pattern mixing.


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  1. You have inspired me to give it a try! Thank you! I love all of these looks.