4 Tips For Working From Home


4 Tips For Working From Home

Today, more now than ever working from home is very common in 2021. Here are 4 easy to follow tips to help achieve success and stay focused while working from home. We will talk about carving out a space for you to work, staying on schedule, even down to what to wear while working from home and how important taking breaks are too. I hope you find this article helpful if you find yourself working from home. Be sure to drop a comment and let me know some of your tips and tricks you use while working from home I would love to hear all about it.


#1 Designated Work Space

If you are lucky, maybe you have an office in your home where you can go work privately and quietly. If not I suggest carving out a designated work space to create your “office”. You will want to use a counter top or a desk if possible. You will want to have room to spread out your tools, materials or any other devices you may need to work with. Be sure that you have an outlet in reach and set up shop in a well lit area. I suggest working near a window so you can use the natural sunlight when you are on face to face zoom meetings or FaceTime calls.


#2 Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule is key while working from home. There are so many distractions; pets, children or even roommates and spouses that can lead to you lose focus while working at home.  I suggest creating a schedule that will help you prioritize your time. A schedule will also help you stay on track and be more efficient. I also recommend using a planner to help keep you organized and on track. I use Day Designer 


#3 Take Breaks

Be sure to take at least 2 breaks in an 8 hour work period. I find that taking a break as if you were in the office helps you find more enthusiasm for the tasks at hand and lifts your mood to a more pleasant one too! I suggest taking advantage of being at home and being able to step outside and go for a 15 minute walk. The fresh air will help you relax, refocus and reenergize.


#4 Get Ready

Getting dressed nicely and putting yourself together creates an overall better atmosphere and mood. It really sets the tone for the day! They say when you look good you feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? I know I feel a difference when I put effort into my clothes, hair and makeup verses just rolling out of bed and looking unkempt. One little trick you can do while working from home, you can focus on the top half, maybe you wear a nice top for any zoom calls, but sit in your favorite pair of sweatpants…Business on Top Casual on the Bottom! I am wearing Sandals and a Tweed Blazer from Just Fab both are only $10 when you become a VIP Member be sure to check them out!


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  1. Great Tips!! Love that Blazer you are wearing! I also love love the desk you shared too ♥️My tip is if you don’t have an office use a partition (a cute one) to help divide a room up!

  2. Great tips Kelley- it really does help the mood to get dressed and ready no matter!