5 Tips For Outdoor Entertaining

Tip #1 – This will sound silly, but make sure to check the weather.  Living in Florida, you never know if the weather will change at the last minute, so have a backup plan if it does.  So, if you need to suddenly move everything inside or under a covered porch, you know exactly how you will move your setup.  Since we are moving into summer, make sure to use any available shade wisely.  Also, look into portable fans that you can set up to keep your guests cool.



Tip #2 – Come up with a fun theme and or color scheme for your event.  Whether it is tropical, nautical or a summer theme, it just makes things easier and fun.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to your party decor.  Stores like Party City and Target have so many affordable decorations that you can pick up that won’t break the bank.  Even places like Dollar Tree have so many cute options you can use.




Tip # 3 – Make use of Melamine.  Yes, I said it!  As much as I love to break out my beautiful dishes and glassware, when it comes to entertaining outside, there is no reason to use them with the fear of something breaking, when there are so many amazing tableware options that are made from sturdy plastic.  Like these dishes I am using here.  I promise, it makes for a stress free event for everyone and even clean up is so much easier as you can just throw everything in the dishwasher.




Tip #4 – Make the menu simple.  Remember, you want to have an enjoyable time too at your party and if you are spending all of your time cooking and worrying about the timing of bringing out your dishes to serve everyone, it won’t be fun.  Your guests came over to spend time with you as well, so come up with a menu that is streamlined and low prep!  Think cold salads, hamburger and hot dog bar, fruit kabobs, and charcuterie boards.




Tip # 5 – Dress comfortably.  As the hostess, or course you want to look stylish, but make sure your outfit is comfortable.  From the clothing to the shoes.  You most likely are going to be running around the most and it is so important to be comfortable yet chic.  Since the temps are getting warmer, I suggest wearing something cotton that you won’t have to worry about sweating in, even loose fitting clothing is a good idea.  Also, as much as I love a fabulous pair of heels, when it comes to being outside, flats, wedges or an adorable pair of sneakers is the best way to go for an outside event. I am wearing a dress from J. Crew Eyelet Dress in this beautiful shade of green and a pair of leopard espidrillas that are super comfy!







I hope you enjoyed this article and you learned a tip or two that you will apply to your next outdoor event!

The main thing is to have a great time spending time with your friends and family making memories together and enjoying each other’s company.






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  1. Alfresco dining is so nice during the spring and summer and I love your tips! Your table is beautiful and so is that cute dress! Just let me know what time to come and I’ll be there! Thanks for a fun post Kelley!

  2. All great tips Kelley! We recently installed fans that move more airflow so as the heat sets in we can still enjoy our alfresco dinning. We also can’t go without our mosquito mister system but not sure you have that issue in Florida.

    Great blog post! Bring on the summer patio soirées! xx Susan