Blogger Must Haves From Amazon



I recently shared on Instagram my “blogger” must haves to run my business! If you are brand new or thinking about starting your own blog, I highly recommend the following items. If you are not a blogger, but maybe you sell you clothes on Poshmark these items will help you to capture really great photos!


The rack is absolutely gorgeous! It is great for an office/glam room or even for an apartment.  It would look great in or out of a bedroom. I also love the gold hangers I bought with it. A pack of 30 for $33, you just can’t beat it!




Light is KEY for photos and video no matter what type of content you are producing. I love these lights from Amazon. They are easy to assemble and operate. I also, love that they come in a pack of two. You also will need a tripod. This one is great, sturdy and comes with the bluetooth remote I am very happy with it.




I am also using Ikea bags. Whether it is to haul things from one place to another like at the beach or on photoshoot days. I also use them to store my off season clothes too. They are sturdy and a pack of 10 bag are only $22.  Last, but not least this steamer is super powerful! I can’t live without it. Not only do I use it for the blog and all the beautiful collab clothes that come in, but my family uses it for their everyday use too and its great!




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