Packing Tips and Tricks


Packing Tips

Packing can be stressful so here are a few tips and tricks I like to use to keep it simple and stay organized. I have found when everything has a place it helps you to not forget items when you are packing. I use packing cubes, a sunglass travel case and a few more items designated to help keep you organized. Lets break it down…




Good luggage is key! Pack up everything you need with this 3 piece set from QVC. It has a hard case shell which makes it durable and zipper enclosures help keep your items organized and in place. I am sure we have all seen how luggage gets tossed around so these features make all the difference. What is great about this particular set from QVC is that for all 3 pieces it is only $199 which is a complete steal!


Packing Cubes

Have you heard of packing cubes? They are my seceret weapon when it comes to packing. No matter the length of my stay or where I am going I always use these cubes! You know what else is amazing is not only do you get 5 packing cubes for only $35 for this set, literally can not find a better deal. Become a packing pro stay organzied and use it to store your dirty laundry keep it from the clean clothes when returing home. Also, these packing cubes allow you to pack more. Simply roll the clothes tight and fill them up. Putting them in these cubes compresses them and allows you to bring all you need with you on your trip!


Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organzier a game changer. It is made with felt lining to keep your jewelry in mint conditoin. It has a place for everything: Necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches and earrings! It keeps it all in place and and tangle free during your whole trip.


Travel Sunglass Case

This is brillant! This case allows you to pack 4 pairs of sunglasses for your trip, because who only wants to bring one pair of sunnies on vaca?! It has this tab at the top that will allow you to display it and hang it if you want. This quad case is only $24.50



This is must have for EVERY trip. A travel size steamer will pack easily and keep your wardrobe looking fresh and neat! This steamer is from QVC and is only $28.50


Rydir Band

Ok ladies I saved the best for last. This Rydir Band  is designed to keep your bag from falling off the top of your suitcase as you are traveling. It is a simple idea but genious idea is very effective. The soft strechy compression band slips over the hande of your suitcase and over the top of the bag keeping it secure and safe!

Click the photos below to shop all these must have pieces to help you be packing pro!





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  1. Great travel tips Kelley! Those cubes are genius and I’m heading over to check out that sunglass case – love it! xo